Who We Are

Jennifer Hodges, Principal and Founder

Jennifer founded Remember When? in 2007. She is passionate about capturing and preserving memories, an effort that has been a significant part of her life for over fifteen years!

Jennifer takes the lead role with every Remember When? client, from strategic development through creative execution of each project.

Jennifer was a Foundation Award Achiever for Creative Memories, a memory preservation and journaling company. Ranked in Top 10 New Hires in Sales and Recruiting nationwide during the first six months of starting business. She was then promoted to senior consultant within six months of hiring.

She was asked to develop and present “Become a Stellar Seller!” Six Week Success Plan after six months as a consultant. Her training presentation hosted on the Creative Memories corporate website was about quickly building a business from a start up effort to a seriously successful business venture. (it would be nice if you could still link to this) Learn more


Back in 2007, Jennifer created a book highlighting her father’s life story, in celebration of his 85th birthday. To date, the memory book on her father has been her most endearing project ever!

It truly brought a somewhat bittersweet happiness to her family. Although her father’s Alzheimer’s disease had progressed rapidly in his last years, he was very touched and burst into tears when first going thru his book. He enjoyed this gift immensely; he clearly remembered events in the past, but not in the shorter term.

This special memory book allowed him to “reacquaint himself’” with family members and events in recent years. Following his passing, each of the seven children and twelve grandchildren received their own leather bound book of his life’s celebrations.

Not only has this extended family found great comfort thru the enjoyment of this book, but his heritage will truly live on!