Why Choose Us

We have the talent, tools and time

Remember When? founder Jennifer Hodges and her team have been creating memory books for family, friends and clients for over fifteen years. They have the skills to create traditional and digital books.

Their depth of knowledge enables them to customize papers, embellishments, fonts, and layouts which will make your photographs & stories pop off the page. The team will assist you in photo and memorabilia selection, plus provide thoughtful suggestions of how your story should flow. You will have a one-of-a-kind book that will engage the reader from start to finish…on every single page!


Jennifer and her team use a robust and powerful software to make your photos and their beautiful stories come to life. Their extensive training gives them the ability to edit , crop and restore photographs eliminating tears or blemishes.

While they have an extensive library of materials to pull from, their keen eye and innate ability to select just the right paper and embellishments allow “The photos to do the talking” . Their designs complement the photos, not overpower them.


Time is a precious commodity these days. Many of us work or are involved in activities that don’t allow us the time it takes to take on a project of this magnitude. For the inexperienced, it could take months to ramp up the learning curve. Not to mention the expense involved for the software and training.

We’ve got the time, talent and tools. If you are willing to pull together the resources, with our guidance, we’ll take it from there.